WEC – 2000, Hanover  |  “Humankind – Nature – Technology”

International Declaration on Cleaner Production


We recognize that achieving sustainable development is a collective responsibility. Action to protect the global environment must include the adoption of improved sustainable production and consumption practices.

We believe that Cleaner Production and other preventive strategies such as Eco-efficiency, Green Productivity and Pollution Prevention are preferred options. They require the development, support and implementation of appropriate measures.

We understand Cleaner Production to be the continuous application of an integrated, preventive strategy applied to processes, products and services in pursuit of economic, social, health, safety and environmental benefits.

To this end we are committed to:

Using our influence 

  • to encourage the adoption of sustainable production and consumption practices through our relationships with stakeholders.

Awareness, education and training
Building capacity 

  • by development and conducting awareness, education and training within our organization;
  • by encouraging the inclusion of the concepts and principles into educational curricula at all levels.

Encouraging the integration of preventive strategies

  • into all levels of our organization;
  • within environmental management systems;
  • by using tools such as environmental performance evaluation, environmental accounting, and environmental impart, life cycle, and cleaner production assessments.

Research and development
Creating innovative solutions

  • By promoting a shift of priority from end-of-pipe to preventive strategies in our research and development policies and activities;
  • By supporting the development of products and services which are environmentally efficient and meet consumer needs.

Sharing our experience

  • By fostering dialogue on the implementation of preventive strategies and informing external stakeholders about their benefits.

Taking action to adopt cleaner production

  • By setting challenging goals and regularly reporting progress through established management systems;
  • By encouraging new and additional finance and investment in preventive technology options, and promoting environmentally-sound technology cooperation and transfer between countries;
  • Through co-operation with UNEP and other partners and stakeholders in supporting this declaration and reviewing the success of its implementation.

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