LEGO Bridge

A Guinness World Record-breaking bridge made entirely out of LEGO, originally unveiled in London, has made it’s way to Victoria, Australia, to inspire a new generation of students to take up a career in engineering.

The bridge stands over 3m tall and spans almost the equivalent of 2 D-class trams parked end to end, and is made of more than 200,000 individual plastic LEGO bricks.

Designed by world-renowned bridge engineer, Dr Robin Sham CBE, the bridge was first displayed in London in 2016 and set a Guinness World Record for the longest span bridge made of LEGO bricks.

Anthony Bennett, ICE Victoria and Tasmania Representative, said: “Bridges connect people, places and communities. ICE’s visionary LEGO Bridge project connects engineers with the public, demonstrating the monumental accomplishments of engineering”

“Using only the materials that you’d find in a child’s Lego toy box, we hope to showcase the extraordinary feats of engineers and inspire the youth of Victoria to see that engineering is a creative, rewarding and fun career.”

A multi-disciplinary team of students from the Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) assembled the bridge recently during F1 in Melbourne under the supervision of engineering staff from Monash University.

The bridge will be showcased during WEC. Engineers Australia is thrilled to play host and include as part of the celebration of Engineers Australia’s 100th anniversary.


With support from the Institution of Civil Engineers 

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