Climate change resilience
November 22, 2019

WEC 2019 Day 3: Creating a future fuelled by clean energy

As the world’s population rises, cities grow and technology advances, finding new and sustainable sources of energy will become vital to keeping the planet a place where everyone wants to…
Engineering for humanity
November 21, 2019

WEC 2019 Day 2: Sustainability in the built environment

Day one of the World Engineers Convention (WEC) kicked off with a conversation about what defines a sustainable city. Matt Gough’s opening keynote on day two focused on how to…
New technology and innovations
November 21, 2019

WEC 2019 Day 2: Is the future of engineering human?

Is the future of engineering human? It’s a big question, but a panel of experts had a go at finding an answer during the opening session of day two of…
Engineering for humanity
November 21, 2019

Integrating major projects for a sustainable Victoria

The urban environment impacts on the life of residents and contributes to liveability. Sustainable infrastructure is not only the environmental impact of major projects; it is also the usability and…
world engineering day Leadership and influence
November 21, 2019

World Engineering Day announced at WEC 2019

President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) Dr Marlene Kanga announced that, starting next year, 4 March will be celebrated annually as World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.…
Diversity and inclusion
November 20, 2019

WEC 2019 Day 1: Making the case for a diverse profession

Engineering has a diversity problem, and who better to discuss solutions to this challenge than a cross section of the global engineering community?  Engineers from around the world have converged…
Engineering for humanity
November 20, 2019

WEC 2019 Day 1: Why engineers are vital to more liveable cities

It’s only fitting that a discussion about what makes for liveable cities should take place in the most liveable city in Australia.  Engineers from around the world met in Melbourne…
New technology and innovations
November 19, 2019

Is the future of engineering human?

Predictions about how technology will change engineering can get pretty dire — to the point where some are unsure if people will still have a place in the profession in…
world engineers convention liveable cities Engineering for humanity
October 30, 2019

Community, sustainability, accessibility: Engineering experts share what defines a liveable city

What defines a liveable city — now and into the future? Is it the infrastructure, the people, the economy, the communities? We asked engineering experts to share their thoughts about…
Diversity and inclusion
October 21, 2019

Driving local steel and jobs in SA

InfraBuild Construction Solutions has worked with industry partners to prioritise the use of Australian steel and the creation of local jobs for South Australia’s Northern Connector Project. The companies involved…
Barangaroo precinct sustainability Engineering for humanity
October 21, 2019

Steel’s sustainability role in iconic Barangaroo precinct

InfraBuild is helping construct a sustainable and world-class precinct in Australia’s largest city by taking active steps to reduce the embodied carbon in its steel products. Lendlease’s Barangaroo precinct on…
New technology and innovations
October 14, 2019

How 3D printing, generative design and automation will revolutionise the built environment

Advances in technology like 3D printing and generative design are helping reinvent building and construction for the 21st century. Mention an industry that has been disrupted by technology, and manufacturing…
Engineering for humanity
September 25, 2019

Climate change makes sustainable water management more important than ever

Whether it's under a lake, a river or the streets of a city, Salini Impregilo is ready for whatever job needs doing to help clients improve people’s lives. This is…
Leadership and influence
September 24, 2019

Why the world’s engineers need to come together to build a better future

The clock is ticking to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The World Engineers Convention will explore the crucial role the profession plays in hitting the UN’s 2030…
diversity and inclusion in engineering Diversity and inclusion
September 13, 2019

Does engineering have a diversity and inclusion problem?

Engineering is crucial to achieving all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), but there are some that the profession seems to struggle with more than others,…
renewable energy exports as hydrogen Climate change resilience
September 10, 2019

What will it take to make hydrogen the clean fuel of the future?

Interest in hydrogen as a source of clean energy has risen in recent years, and engineers have a key role in scaling up technology to help Australia fulfil its potential…
UN SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
September 5, 2019

Every one of the Sustainable Development Goals needs engineers

If the world is to meet the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it must turn to engineers for help, writes Adrian Piani. When the United Nations replaced its Millennium…
engineering diversity and inclusion Diversity and inclusion
August 27, 2019

What happens when diversity and inclusion become part of an organisation’s mission

With its commitment towards building a diverse and inclusive workplace, professional services firm Cyient understands the importance of what a truly inclusive environment means for an organisation’s growth and associate…
University of Melbourne School of Engineering Preparing the next generation
August 5, 2019

Engineering education has changed a lot in 100 years – what needs to happen in the next century?

Back in 1861, Australia’s first engineering school opened at the University of Melbourne with just 15 students. In the 150 years since, global market forces and changing expectations have continuously…
Budj Bim named to UNESCO World Heritage List Engineering for humanity
July 10, 2019

Budj Bim, a 6000-year-old Aboriginal engineering site, earns World Heritage status

One of the finest examples of ancient aquaculture and hydraulic engineering is right in Australia’s backyard.  After a decades-long campaign by the Gunditjmara people, the Budj Bim eel traps have…
future of transport Engineering for humanity
July 10, 2019

How can connected transport help urban networks work in perfect harmony?

Automation is just one example of how technology is influencing the design of future transport to challenge our current understanding of urban landscapes. A blue, blocky, mini bus shuttles its…
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals
July 5, 2019

Why engineers are crucial to the success of the SDGs

Bringing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to fruition will demand the skills of engineers. Here's how they can contribute. The United Nations replaced its Millennium Development Goals with…
Darron Lomman plastic recycling Engineering for humanity
June 21, 2019

Meet one engineer transforming plastic waste into the filament of the future

Perth-based mechanical engineer Darren Lomman is working to stop plastic waste ending up in our oceans by converting it into 3D printer filament. In December 2016, Darren Lomman was watching…
autonomous robots and engineering Preparing the next generation
June 21, 2019

With autonomous robots on the rise, what do engineers need to know?

As collaborative robots give way to autonomous ones, the future is not as frightening as you might think, says Professor Elizabeth Croft, presenter at the World Engineers Convention. When her…
Ja Climate change resilience
June 13, 2019

How necessity inspires invention in the mind of engineer James Trevelyan

Professor James Trevelyan opens up about the many inspired inventions that have characterised his vast career. Pointing across his office to the small appliance projecting cool air, Professor James Trevelyan…
Engineering for humanity
April 28, 2019

Cities of the future will be built on big data to enhance the human experience

Engineer, architect and designer Carlo Ratti wants cities to be smarter so that we can live in them in new and better ways. Walls made of water, mobile phones that…
Dr Collette Burke, Victoria's first Chief Engineer Leadership and influence
April 26, 2019

Victoria’s first Chief Engineer shares her vision for the future of the state

With $10 billion of annual engineering projects in track, Victoria has created a new position to ensure impeccable advice and direction. Meet Victorian Chief Engineer Collette Burke. There is a…
Engineering for humanity
April 16, 2019

Agricultural robots will help farmers feed the world – and do it sustainably

Agricultural robots could address productivity and labour demands on farms, as well as help farmers operate more sustainably. Professor Salah Sukkarieh’s work at the University of Sydney’s world-leading Australian Centre…
Dr Collette Burke Leadership and influence
April 8, 2019

Victoria’s first Chief Engineer talks how to raise the profile of the industry

Victoria recently appointed Dr Collette Burke as its first Chief Engineer, a position that will help shape the state’s drive to modernise its infrastructure and make STEM an integral part…
Leadership and influence
April 5, 2019

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s plan to jumpstart Australian innovation

As both an engineer and entrepreneur, Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel knows how to make things happen. He brings to his new role energised leadership, a vision to support…

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