What happens when diversity and inclusion become part of an organisation’s mission

engineering diversity and inclusion

With its commitment towards building a diverse and inclusive workplace, professional services firm Cyient understands the importance of what a truly inclusive environment means for an organisation’s growth and associate engagement.

Research by McKinsey & Company suggests that gender-diverse companies are 15 per cent more likely to outperform their peers, and ethnically diverse companies are 35 per cent more likely to do the same.

Cyient recognises that an inclusive workplace unites diverse perspectives to build an organisational culture that enables, encourages and celebrates diversity as a business imperative. Cyient has established a vision and mission that will establish a diverse and inclusive environment:

Cyient’s Diversity and Inclusion Vision: Create a collaborative workplace that supports diverse thinking, and attracts and inspires talented people to reach their potential.
Cyient’s Diversity and Inclusion Mission: To build an environment that seeks to bridge the gap in gender diversity, provide a workplace free of discrimination, enhance the professional growth of our associates and empower them to create real change.    

Cyient diversity and inclusionAs a diversity- and inclusion-focused organisation that brings together people from different backgrounds and experiences, Cyient can offer more solutions through new skills, ideas and processes. Cyient’s global diversity and inclusion program is spearheaded by inclusion ambassadors who drive focus on key areas such as gender, disability, veterans affairs, cultural awareness, and health and wellness.

Cyient also has a mentorship program for women leaders and plans to provide transparent reporting of the gender pay gap globally. Cyient ensures the diversity and inclusion ethos is also visible in their projects as they continue to focus on including more women in the engineering space.

For example, a project for one of Cyient’s communication clients kicked off with only 25 per cent women engineers. However, as the project progressed, the diversity quotient expanded to include more than 40 per cent women across the leadership and delivery teams.

Creating a diverse and inclusive work culture reinforces Cyient’s value system of fairness, integrity, respect, sincerity and transparency (known as VALUES FIRST), as well as the company’s brand promise of Designing Tomorrow Together. Cyient will continue to value, foster and leverage diversity and inclusion to ensure diverse viewpoints that inspire greater creativity, positivity and productivity.

Fostering diversity and inclusion is one of the six themes of the World Engineers Convention, 20-22 November in Melbourne. To learn more and to register, click here.