María Jesús Prieto Laffargue – Member

María Laffargue

President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (2009-2011) and former President of the Institute of Engineering of Spain (2000-2004).

María Jesús Prieto-Laffargue is a prominent figure in the international arena of Telecommunications Services and international business. She has an outstanding record as one of the first women to perform in the engineering profession, european business sector and World multilateral Institutions. She is a leader with a proven track of delivering innovation, together with effective and efficient management and communications skills.
Beginning her career in Research and technical standard with TELEFÒNICA DE ESPAÑA SA, she was soon elevated to the position of Strategic Projects Director (Data Division )

In 1987 she was named National Manager of TELEFÒNICA SISTEMAS SA a wholly owner subsidiary of TELEFONICA DE ESPAÑA , and in 1991, Director General of SISTELCOM Consortium, SA a joint venture formed by the leading banking and utilities companies in Spain for diversifying business at the Telecommunication Sector
Appointed Assistant to the President of UNIÒN FENOSA INVESTMENTS (Spanish energy company) in 1994, two years later , 1996 ,Dr. Prieto Laffargue was chosen by the Spanish government to lead the Instituto Nacional de Meteorología, an Agency of the Spanish Ministry for the Environment.
In 2000 she was elected President of the Instituto de la Ingeniería de España, which represents the whole Spanish engineering academia and profession.
Having served on boards advising national and international companies and organizations in telecommunications, energy, aerospace and transportation, she was Visitor Professor of the Universities of Madrid, Barcelona and Navarra

She was professor of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Spain and regular Lecturer in Summer International Universities (Santander , El Escorial )
Member of the Governing board of the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation(ISTIC ) under the auspices of UNESCO (2009-2014)

Dr. Prieto Laffargue, has served in a group of select experts preparing the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development.
Another significant activity connected to the United Nations was her participation in the World Summit on the Information Society, and, the UN Forum on City Information in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Since 2013 she works on Geostrategic as Engineering Intelligence and Technology Strategy Analyst
The devoted mother of four accomplished children, Dr. Prieto Laffargue lives in Madrid, Spain , and, boasts an extensive network of relevant stakeholders both States and Corporations.